Global know-how at your disposal



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Distribution covers a range of business lines that we have mastered for 35 years.

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We distribute all categories of veterinary products to all professionals in the sector.

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We are present in 12 countries in Europe and Africa.

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We know how to adapt to meet all your needs and offer you the best possible service.



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Exclusive distribution

For years, we have been working with large veterinary groups by offering them exclusive distribution, particularly in Southern Europe.

Our diversified know-how means that we have complete mastery of all aspects of the distribution of your products through all distribution channels: veterinary clinics, pharmacies, garden centres, pet shops, supermarkets and the Internet.

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Working with all professions

We have chosen to work with all professionals in the veterinary sector because we believe that all these professions have a role to play in improving animal welfare.

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Working with all product categories

We distribute all products necessary for animal health and welfare.

Wholesale distributor

As a wholesale distributor, we have to manage our logistics specifically to meet all needs:

  • We have a minimum of 15 days of reference stocks
  • We deliver within 24 hours
  • We deliver orders of all volumes (from single boxes to pallets).

This profession allows us to provide a continuous link between laboratories and beneficiaries to guarantee access to veterinary medicines for everyone, at any time and in any place.

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Central purchasing body

In November 2020, the Neftys Pharma and Coveto groups decided to join forces by creating the company Covetys.

This joint venture is the means by which our two groups negotiate all purchases with our suppliers. While we remain independent, Covetys allows us to build a long-term partnership to guarantee the best possible conditions for our customers.

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m² of depots


sales representatives



Storage and distribution solutions for veterinary products

We provide pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturers with tailor-made solutions for the storage and logistics of their products.


To simplify your daily life, we offer you a wide range of tailor-made services:

  • Purchasing and supply management
  • Production of statistics for your marketing studies
  • Regulatory advice
  • Receipt and quality control of your products
  • Storage adapted to all your needs: room temperature, secure area, cold room, liquid nitrogen, ultra-low temperature freezer, FEFO management, quarantine status, merchant status pending decision, pending destruction etc.
  • Preparation and management of orders
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Transport: we also have our own fleet of 26 T heavy goods vehicles to serve all our partners
  • Production of performance indicators and statistics
  • Management of after-sales service, waste and your financial flows
  • Administrative monitoring and reporting


Our responsiveness and know-how have made us the benchmark partner for all the major players in animal health in France and Europe.

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logo serviphar

In 2023, Serviphar will become the European brand for the Neftys Pharma group’s storage activity.

IN 2022


orders processed


million in turnover managed


packages transported

99.80 %

of orders delivered on time and undamaged



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Our sales force at your disposal

We have over 110 key accounts, sales people and veterinary representatives in five European countries.


The animal welfare market is extremely competitive and technical. Our sales forces are fully aware of the specificities of their markets and are constantly trained in house and by our partners.

We offer several distribution models depending on each situation: from sales force services to exclusive “full service” distribution, whatever your situation, we are committed to working with you to find the best solution for your needs.

We are present in every distribution channel (veterinary clinics, garden centres, pet shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and e-commerce): we know how to support you in each of these markets.

As far as sales force services are concerned, we can offer a wide range of solutions (key accounts, on-site visits, e-visits and emailing).

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your teams

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Your solutions and products

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Your turnover

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marketing and communication

Collect key data

Internationalisation, new product development, diversification etc. These strategic phases of a company require numerous resources and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Our local and global expertise allows us to support you in your strategy with accurate data and analysis. Whether it relates to products, industry professionals or general developments in the animal health market, our DATA meets a single need: to guide you in your strategic development.

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Market research

Market mapping, local studies, consumption trends, segmentation etc.

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Sales statistics and trends, stock levels, CSR statistics etc.

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Customer satisfaction surveys, quality surveys etc.

Communicate via effective channels

We provide our suppliers with services to develop their communication. An omnichannel strategy is essential to optimise results and develop your sales.

We currently offer a wide range of communication services: marketing campaigns, events, printed or digital communication etc.

We adapt to you to achieve your marketing objectives by complementing your in-house activities.

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Marketing initiatives

Phoning, e-visit modules, organisation of events and webinars etc.

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Printed communication

Magazine/newspaper inserts, press releases in the specialised press, insertion of brochures in parcels etc.

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Digital communication

Inserts on our websites, emails, interactive catalogues, newsletters etc.

Our communication and marketing teams are on hand to support your in-house departments in order to carry out additional activities and achieve your sales objectives more quickly.



Digital: the must-use channel of the 21st century

Digital and e-commerce are now critical channels in business strategies. Whether you want to develop your sales, reach new customer segments or retain your existing customers, the web offers multiple opportunities that can have a significant impact on your business.

Selling online requires specific skills that are very different from those needed for traditional commerce. These specifically include user experience, web indexing and product information sheets, all of which can be a blur. Yet multi-channel selling is the future of commerce in many sectors, including some animal welfare products.

We have been working for many years with leading pure players and digital providers to enable you to diversify your business strategy by developing your online sales.

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Let’s decide together on your digital sales and marketing objectives.

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Let’s choose the best channels to achieve your objectives.

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Let’s create and implement an effective action plan to obtain sustainable results.

The pet food e-commerce market is estimated to be worth around €460 million, with growth reaching 48% in ten years. Online sales now represent 12% of the global dog/cat food market and this figure is still growing.

Source: Xerfi

Let’s work together on your digital strategy to develop your turnover.



Our regulatory expertise

To best meet the needs of our customers while respecting regulatory requirements, Neftys Pharma’s guiding principle is to deliver the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

To this end, we have implemented various measures:


  • Where laboratories are concerned, we can assist you in registering your products and obtaining your marketing authorisations, particularly in the various countries of French-speaking Africa and Nigeria.
  • As regards customers, we provide tailored advice, and process requests and prepare orders effectively according to beneficiaries.
  • With regard to products, we ensure they are traceable and their integrity is respected from the moment they enter to the moment they leave the establishment.
  • As for staff, we provide a pleasant working environment and ensure that performance is based on achievable objectives, while taking care of staff safety.


Quality is guaranteed thanks to the presence of a pharmacist or veterinarian on each site. Our regulatory expertise is backed up by experienced teams who are aware of regulatory developments in Europe and Africa. Our daily tasks include the transport of other dangerous goods (ODG), cold chain management (buildings and cold rooms with temperature alarms, compliance with 15–25 °C and 2–8 °C), management of deviations (quality defects, pharmacovigilance etc.), compliance with product flows and integrity, qualification of beneficiaries etc.


Our statutes require extremely strict compliance with the regulations in force. These requirements allow us to assist you with the regulatory aspects of your activity.

Quality and compliance with procedures are crucial to our business. This requires very high regulation standards and expertise.