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MEDICINES: OUR historical know-how

Our infrastructures and high-performance logistics enable us to deliver all categories of medication:


  • Antimicrobials (antibiotics and anticoccidials)
  • Biocides
  • Narcotics
  • Antiparasitics
  • Cold products: temperature measurement on arrival, immediate cold storage, temperature measurement on departure, dedicated cold transport, packaging qualification, cold storage monitoring
  • Premixes
  • Dangerous products: products stored in retention tanks, products separated by compatibility, contracts with transporters for this type of transport, training in ODG products by an external body, provision of appropriate PPE.

We have been working with all the major players in the veterinary medicine market since we were founded.



Dry food

Every year the French spend more and more on their pets, mainly on food.

We distribute a wide range of dry pet food products as well as feed products for farm animals.

These products are distributed to all our customers (beneficiaries, specialist stores and food superstores) and we also carry out B2B2C logistics activities for pharmacies with e-commerce sites. We work with all the major operators in the sector.

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Wet food

Sales of wet food have grown significantly over the past two years.

As with dry food, we work with all the leading pet food companies to be able to offer you a wide selection of products. For some years now, we have been distributing several exclusive pet food ranges, enabling us to meet very specific needs.

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We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of products to our customers, from the essential ranges of market leaders to local products from smaller companies.



A diversified offer

We distribute a wide range of hygiene and care products that are not only dedicated to pets but also to farm animals:

  • Hygiene (oral, dental, skin, cleaning products etc.)
  • First aid
  • Homeopathy
  • Stress and behaviour
  • Allergies
  • Joint care

Our own ranges

We have made a name for ourselves by developing a varied, high-quality range that meets the needs of dog, cat, rodent and chicken owners.

Our own ranges have now become benchmarks in the market for pet care products. Our products are sold in specialist stores and food superstores and we mainly develop environmentally friendly and plant-based products.

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We produce product packaging for you, mainly in collars and pipettes.

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We incorporate geraniol into our own ranges.


As hygiene and care specialists in specialist stores, Laboratoire Agecom manufactures products for poultry and reptiles, consumables and treats and antiparasitics for dogs and cats.

Laboratoire Agecom received three awards at the Animal Challenge awards in 2022 for its innovative and natural dog and cat hygiene products.

As specialists in hygiene and care in the large-scale retail sector, we develop and manufacture our Vetopha range in France and revitalise shops thanks to our modern and innovative range. Our products are manufactured and developed in France.

High-quality food supplements, our Phycus Pharma products are produced and developed in Portugal. All our products promote the well-being of pets by meeting a variety of needs: digestive problems, joint problems, age-related disorders, stress etc.



State-of-the-art equipment for a stringent profession

Animal welfare also depends on the equipment needed for their care. Whether dedicated to everyday and routine consultations or more complex procedures, the quality of the equipment used by beneficiaries is fundamental in animal health.


We want our customers to be able to work in the best possible conditions. To achieve this, we work with the major players in the medical equipment sector, but also with smaller structures offering innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology. This diversity of partners means that we can offer our customers a varied choice adapted to all their needs and to all categories of animals (pets and livestock).

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Medical equipment requires a high level of expertise for efficient distribution: choose excellence by purchasing your products from Neftys Pharma.



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Accessories are an integral part of animal welfare

Accessories account for a large proportion of the expenditure made by owners on their pet’s welfare. And with good reason: they play a significant role in improving their daily lives.

Today we offer a wide variety of accessories for all types of animals, such as litter trays, bowls, collars, aquariums, brushes, toys etc. Our accessory ranges are varied and are distributed to all our customers for different needs.