Our customers

Our mission: to provide the best possible service to all animal professionals.

For 35 years, we have been working to ensure that all owners, whether professionals or individuals, urban or rural, can provide their animals with the best possible quality of life. For this reason, to ensure that everyone has access to animal welfare products, our group works with all the professionals in the sector.

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Full beneficiaries: veterinarians and pharmacies

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Breeder groups and associations

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Food superstores and specialist channels

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Full beneficiaries: veterinarians and pharmacies

Veterinarians are at the heart of animal health. As prescribers and suppliers, their work requires efficient, high-quality and highly responsive logistics.

Pharmacists have also become key players in animal health and have been developing their veterinary knowledge for several years.

We support beneficiaries on a daily basis and adapt to the specificities of their profession to facilitate their day-to-day work.

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Veterinary shelf space

We provide support for the creation and management of veterinary shelf space in pharmacies.

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24-hour delivery

We adapt our deliveries to vets’ work so that they are made quickly (within 24 to 72 hours) and we allow them to place orders of any volume.

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Interactive tools

We are constantly reinventing ourselves to provide them with interactive digital tools that are easier to use.

Breeder groups and associations

We work with breeder groups and associations who wish to promote animal welfare in their industry.

Our products and services are dedicated to breeders specialising in:

  • Ruminants
  • Equines
  • Pigs
  • Poultry
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For the past decade, we have been organising events such as the Rencontres Techniques Ovines (RTO), targeted at technicians and veterinarians in the sheep sector. This event, combining technical talks and informal discussions, has become a must for our customers and partner laboratories

Food superstores and specialist channels

Food superstores and specialist channels are central distribution channels for pet food, hygiene and care and accessories. We work with several leaders in this sector for the sale of our partner laboratories’ products as well as for our own ranges.

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We provide central distribution centres with POS materials and design shelves according to our partners’ recommendations.

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Regular visits

Our sales teams visit points of sale on a daily basis to meet all needs and maintain the close relationships established with our customers since our launch.

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E-commerce has become an intrinsic part of consumer habits, including in the animal welfare sector.

Multi-channel selling is one of our main guiding principles and this is why we have been developing partnerships with e-commerce sites for several years. While until recently online sales were primarily carried out by pure players, we now work with parapharmacies, which are also increasingly developing their digital strategy to meet demand.

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Efficient logistics

E-commerce requires its logistics to be flexible and reactive.

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We carry out B2B2C logistics for certain websites to facilitate their organisation. We can deliver to any type of point of sale, including private individuals via drop shipping.

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