Neftys Pharma Group

35 years of expertise in animal welfare

SINCE 1987


Founded in 1987 by Jacques Mignot, chair of the group, Neftys Pharma is a distribution platform for animal health products.

As logistics experts since our creation, we wanted to expand our know-how to meet all the needs of our customers and partners. The distribution of veterinary products is not just about logistics performance. It encompasses a range of professions, which require expertise and increased knowledge of the sector, such as regulations, data analysis, market research, marketing, digital technology, the supply chain, sales etc. Our 35 years of experience in these fields are the strength of our group and have made us the benchmark partner in veterinary distribution in Europe and Africa. Guided by ambition and passion since 1987, our group has developed and transformed with one goal in mind: to offer high-quality services to our partners and customers to make the best contribution to animal health.

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Jacques Mignot first created Véto Santé as part of OCP in 1987.
He then acquired Véto Santé and Vet Armor from OCP in 1997, Tregorvet in 1998 and Chêne Vert in 2000.

The history of the Neftys Pharma group was then launched.

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In 2008, Laboratoire Agecom became part of Neftys Pharma. Laboratoire Agecom produces and distributes hygiene and care products that aim to improve and protect the health of pets. Thanks to the expertise of its sales force, Laboratoire Agecom has enabled the group to develop its know-how in promoting veterinary products. Tregorvet and Vet Armor merged to become Elvetis, a wholesale distributor.

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Another wholesale distributor joined the group in 2011: Agripharm, allowing Neftys Pharma to continue to develop its services for the veterinary network. Agripharm was created by veterinarians in 1991 to meet the specific needs of veterinarians in the world of animal husbandry.

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Just one year later, two other companies joined the group. Still guided by the same ambition, Neftys Pharma acquired Longimpex, a wholesale distributor located in Limoges and created Serviphar. The creation of Serviphar enabled the group to develop the storage sector and to offer “à la carte” solutions, allowing laboratories to set up and develop B2B flows to their customers. Serviphar also has expertise in e-commerce for B2C flows. In 2013, the group made significant investments to create new depots for these two subsidiaries.

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2018 marked the beginning of Neftys Pharma’s global expansion. The group created Dimeva International in Côte d’Ivoire to develop the distribution of veterinary products in Africa.

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The group’s international expansion continued in 2020 with the acquisition of two companies in Spain, Probian and Accessible Market, and a stake in the capital of Pharmavet in Morocco. At the same time, the joint venture Covetys was created. The aim of this central purchasing body created between Neftys Pharma and Coveto is to offer the best possible conditions for the customers of both groups.

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To optimise the group’s presence in Europe, five Spanish acquisitions were made in 2021: Copema, Cemave, Intega, Nuserga and Probian Canarias. The Polish stockist and wholesaler, Bayleg, also joined Neftys Pharma, once again expanding its European reach.

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2022 marked a new turning point in the group’s strategy. New minority shareholders invested capital in Neftys to accelerate its external growth and support its structuring. It is partly thanks to these investments that two new acquisitions were made possible in 2022: Bio2 in Portugal and Vetria in Belgium, two leaders in their respective countries, completing the group’s international presence.

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Jacques MIGNOT

Founder and chair of Neftys Pharma


Managing director of Neftys Pharma

Elisabeth SIACHOUA

Administrative and financial director of Neftys Pharma

Nicolas LANG

Managing director for France

Alberto RUIZ

Managing director for Spain


Managing director for Africa

Krzysztof IWAN

Managing director for Poland


Managing director for Portugal


Managing director for Belgium

our values

MAKE animal HEALTH our priority

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The desire to take risks and suggest new approaches is at the very origin of the group. These values are fundamental to us and allow us to constantly improve.

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Focus on solutions

Our job is to serve our partners and customers. We need to listen to their needs to serve them better and help improve animal welfare.

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We are convinced that having the highest standards must go hand in hand with a compassionate management style for our employees.

our presence


présentation de la présence du groupe dans le monde

The group’s international expansion

As part of our ongoing development, we have been pursuing an internationalisation strategy for several years.

We are aware that the current context of globalisation requires greater flexibility from all the stakeholders in our market, particularly our suppliers. We want to be able to support them whatever their needs and location. This is why our group has developed in 12 countries in Europe and Africa. In each country, our teams are experts in their area, allowing us to combine their local expertise with our global know-how.

Thanks to our various locations and the strength of our relationships with our partners on all continents, our group has become a unique entry point to the European and African markets.