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Serviphar: from Brittany to the international stage

Since its creation, Serviphar, the Neftys Pharma group’s Custodian, has made a name for itself thanks to the quality of its services, the responsiveness of its teams and its commitment to serving its customers.

In 2022, Serviphar represented 87,831 orders prepared, 153,555 parcels transported, €461 million in sales managed and 99.9% of orders error-free.
Serviphar is now France’s leading veterinary stockist, and this has only been possible thanks to the dedication, high standards and hard work of its teams.
The Breton company recently expanded its storage capacity from 12 to 18,000m². 3 million euros were invested to extend the warehouse, which is now just waiting to fill up. “For this latest extension, we anticipated our needs,” explains Véronique Juhel, Deputy Managing Director of Serviphar.

On Friday 16 June, 100 people were invited to the Torcé site to inaugurate this new cell…

But not only that.
Because this event was not just a simple inauguration. Serviphar is changing dimension completely in 2023.
Serviphar will now become Serviphar Europe, the European brand for the Neftys Pharma group’s depository business.

In 2023, the veterinary logistics service provider will be expanding internationally, drawing on the subsidiaries of the Neftys Pharma group already established in Europe.

En route vers de nouveaux horizons.